What We Offer

Money Management

Our services free you to focus on your core purpose: providing your clients with the personal attention they deserve. 

We take an active account-management approach, which means that our team of experienced professionals is engaged from the time the securities markets open to their close. Their job is to actively analyze real-time market events and their potential impact on your clients’ portfolios.

We have over ten portfolio strategies, including asset allocation, tactical and income strategies. Learn more about the model portfolios we offer below.

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What We Offer

Business Development

We think of you as a preferred colleague. Our goal is to work with you to grow and improve your business so you can better serve your clients.

Our team is on hand to help you navigate through business decisions that will help to set you up for long-term success.

We offer services such as:

Economists reports
Quarterly conference calls—economist report and general topics
On-site one-on-one staff/team member education
Weekly email updates on Investment Committee thoughts, portfolio updates, and operations information
• Client conference calls with any members of our team
• One-on-one account review for fee-based transition
• Business transition planning
• Annual due diligence meeting

What We Offer

Marketing Support

We will support your marketing efforts by providing you with resources and services that can help you reach potential clients. Our team combines their expertise and experience to coach you through marketing plans you could be executing.

We offer services such as:

• Marketing allowance
• Client appreciation events
• Client approved marketing materials and proposals


With Us

When you decide to work with our team, you become our colleague. We believe transparent and open communication is the best way to help you and your business. When things get challenging, we’re available to talk things through and offer advice. If you’re currently working with a fee-based approach, we’ll help you transition to a more predictable, asset-based approach. Our goal in working with you is to provide you with a stable, profitable business model based upon continued support and guidance.

Comprised of up to 100% equities; at times a portion may be allocated to fixed income or cash equivalents

Comprised of approximately 80% equities, with the remainder allocated to fixed income securities or cash equivalents

Comprised of approximately 60% equities, with the remainder allocated to fixed income securities or cash equivalents

Comprised of approximately 40% equities, with the remainder allocated to fixed income securities or cash equivalents

Utilizes sector rotation and strategic asset allocation and is comprised of up to 100% equity and may contain non-traditional asset classes

Seeks to utilize technical analysis in a rules-based approach to allocate assets among multiple equity and/or fixed-income vehicles

Seeks a high-income stream by using a diversified portfolio of income-generating ETF’s and mutual funds

Comprised of fixed income securities and may include, to a lesser degree, convertible bonds, preferred stocks, and alternative investments

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