Our philosophy.

We don’t see you as a customer, we see you as a colleague. When it comes to your clients, we understand that you know them best. We will proactively work with you to align on a strategy that keeps in mind your client’s unique goals and tolerance to risk. We’ll then use that as a guide for managing their investment accounts, all while keeping you informed and empowering you to nurture your business.

Our approach goes beyond the traditional diversification strategies of the past. We take a proactive approach to a counterbalanced portfolio: increasing allocations in the asset classes that show potential for better future performance, while reducing allocations in asset classes and sectors that face the most resistance.

We saw a need for a money management service that was tailored to each client’s unique needs—so we created LVZ. We’ve since grown to over $900 million in assets across multiple independent broker-dealers.

Ryan Vander Zwart

Partner, Chief Compliance Officer, Portfolio Counselor

With a combination of over 25 years of experience in the financial services business and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, Ryan is available to provide you with solutions and guidance on anything you or your business may need.

Nate Baumann

Partner, Portfolio Counselor

Since joining the firm as a partner in 2012, Nate has been an incredible asset to our clients. With a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA—as well as being licensed in Life and Health insurance, Nate is available to provide you with solutions and guidance with anything you or your business may need.

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