Since 1960 Lorence & Vander Zwart has believed that taking the time to create a sound financial plan is the foundation of being prepared for life’s financial uncertainties and success.  The advisors of Lorence & Vander Zwart take the time to listen to each client’s goals, fears, and challenges turning them into financial strategies that work for each individual client.

From the very beginning, its founder, John J. Lorence recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to financial planning. Beginning by examining each clients current financial position, John developed a plan that included not only a prudent investment strategy but in conjunction with insurance and in consideration of individual tax ramifications.  He also insisted that his clients had updated wills, powers of attorney, trusts where appropriate and other legal documents as recommended by their attorney.

Jim Lorence began working with his father in 1985 and has continued this comprehensive financial planning strategy.  The firm continued to grow because of this model and in 1994 Jim hired Ryan Vander Zwart as an intern from Hope College.  In 2001 the firm changed it’s name from Heritage Financial Planning to Lorence & Vander Zwart as Ryan became a partner.  Ryan currently serves as Sr. Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of the firm.

Historically at Lorence & Vander Zwart the investment management was outsourced leaving Jim and Ryan with more time to monitor client’s full financial plans.  In 2005 it was decided to bring the investment management back in house which would allow for greater customization and creativity in portfolio design.  In order to keep up with the increasing workload Nate Baumann was brought on board.  Nate became a partner in the firm in January 2012 and brings the team of advisors to three.  We believe in the team approach to advising and the adage that “three minds are better than one”.  We also believe that our clients receive superb service when they have the ability to contact and work with any of our three advisors at any time.

Many things have changed over the years.  We opened our doors as a single advisor office and today have three advisors and six highly qualified support staff.  Our current team consists of people who really love the financial planning profession and work together to ensure that clients receive top notch service.

We look forward to what the future will bring over the next 50 years!