Where’s your ?

Is it in traveling the globe? Does it hope for your children to attend the finest colleges? Maybe it holds a dream of a retirement without compromise? Everybody has a different set of hopes and dreams on their heart. Or, as we like to say at Lorence and Vander Zwart (LVZ), everybody LVZ something. Usually many things.

Lorence & Vander Zwart works with a limited number of individuals. When you become our client, we will first learn your unique vision for the important stages in your life, and ultimately, retirement. From there, we’ll design a professionally managed Financial Plan, backed by continued proactive guidance, which makes possible the life and retirement you had your heart set on.

Financial Plan Development

fps-feature2While we at Lorence & Vander Zwart call it a “financial plan,” it’s really a comprehensive map, exclusively designed for you to navigate to future financial success. To create your map, LVZ must conduct a thorough analysis of your goals, all current assets, as well as personal property, liabilities, insurance, taxation, and estate planning.

Your Financial Plan is not complete until it’s acceptable to both you and LVZ. Once finalized, it’s time to venture out, with your new plan as your trusted financial navigation tool.

The of the Matter…

When it comes to investing and planning for your future, the bottom line is, as it turns out, the bottom line: real, tangible, substantial returns that you can count on when it’s time to retire, or at other key stages in your life. This is truly what Lorence & Vander Zwart LVZ.
It’s at the heart of what we do, every day, for our clients. And we do it with heart. It's demonstrated by our diligent service and unwavering commitment to our clients, made possible by our unique emphasis on listening to client needs and goals. It all adds up to a Financial Plan with your best interests in mind.

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